A customised solution designed specifically to enhance your practice.

This service utilises an Estplan mentor to work individually with the stakeholders in your practice to achieve your stated objectives. We use a proven family wealth model.

The practice enhancement solution helps you identify gaps within your practice. The mentor works with you to set commercial objectives and provides detailed implementation guidance at the strategic, marketing, transactional and operational level to achieve the agreed outcomes.

The mentor also selects components of Estplan's 3rd Age Solution and utilises resources to optimise processes and drive change within your practice.


What is the Family wealth model

The family wealth management model is based on

  1. Family as the client.
  2. Balanced wealth accumulation and distribution 
  3. Needs based marketing
  4. Relational adviser positioning
  5. Project Management of Client wealth
  6. Development of a practice model that builds longevity and profitability.

This model focusses on servicing top end client families that contribute substantially to practice revenues whilst continuing to offer services to the remainder of your client base.


Develop a next generation practice

There is a lot of hype about what the requirements are for a next generation practice. If you sift through all the research, all of this is focussed on 3 common characteristics.

  1. Developing a defendable practice to weather downturns along with the upturns.
  2. Adopting a relational approach to clients. Clients are the most important component of any practice and developing trust with clients is a requirement.
  3. A focus on client needs – particularly in relation to demographics, legislative and market changes.

These are based on sound commercial principles and will increase profitability and practice longevity. To develop a next generation practice, requires commitment to cultural change, planning and process optimisation.

Given Australia’s ageing population and the industry’s predisposition to fund accumulation, the next generation model needs to be substantiated with a post retirement services offer.


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