How do I participate?

  • Zumeforms has a shared forms function which allows us the Licensor of content to share forms and documents we have created with other parties called licensees
  • As content Licensor we simply license our IP to you as Licensee.
  • Any forms and documents created by the Licensor remain the Licensors; access to licensed forms can be removed at any time by the Licensor provided reasonable notice has been given.
  • The Licensor will have no access to any data or documents generated by the Licensee.


What does it cost?

  • License for a single licensee $1,100 per month GST inclusive
  • 2 – 5 licensees $1950 per month GST Inclusive
  • Group licensee POA



  1. The license also gives you full access as a member to the Estplan website at no charge.
  2. License is for 12 months
  3. A license number is issued to each adviser using the system.
  4. License fee payment is by direct debit.
  5. Licensed forms can be removed after 30 days for fee non-payment
  6. No license is required for support staff using the system